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Φωτισμός σπιτιού Οι κορυφαίες τάσεις του 2022 - HINTSDECO

Home Lighting: The leading trends of 2022

Lighting is an integral element of interior design.

Proper lighting is the ultimate detail that will highlight any Decoration Project.

Many times, however, this important part is neglected, either because no relevant provision was made from the before the construction, or because the space of our residence is rented and we don't know how to manage it.

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νέες τάσεις 2022 διαμέρισμα

All new trends in decorating an apartment

One of the best projects completed in 2021 is this apartment that we will see today. The apartment is 160sqm located in Moscow, in a new residential complex, near Petrovsky park. It is an finalize project covering some of the...

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nostalgia decor 2022

Nostalgic Interior Design 2022

In an era affected by the pandemic, racial and social injustice and climate change, the revival of the past can give us a sense of security and warmth. The nostalgia of the happy and carefree era of the 60s and 70s redefines colors, materials and finishes in decoration and fashion.
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6 Πρωτότυπες επιλογές για εναλλακτικά κομοδίνα

6 Unconventional ideas for bedside tables

The bedside table is a necessary and integral part of our bedroom. Even if we have a small space or if we are minimalists, no one wants to get up or stretch out of bed at night to grab their glass of water or cell phone. It’s a piece of furniture that offers comfort in the daily life of its owner.
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