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Do you know the Avant Basic decoration style?

Εσείς γνωρίζετε το Avant Basic στιλ διακόσμησης HINTSDECO

We find this new maximalist trend to have gained great popularity on social media and especially on Instagram and Tik Tok.

The aesthetic of Avant Basic, is the answer of the Gen-Z generation to simplicity, White, the philosophy of Marie Kondo, Japandi and the minimalist approach in general, which has dominated interior design in recent years.

The style of Avant Basic is very close to similar interior design trends that have become very popular through social media, such as Memphis Eclectic and Eclectic Maximalism.

 Avant Basic decor pink living room

The basic philosophy of the Avant Basic style is the expression of uniqueness through decoration. Maximalism has the ability to express the personal style of the inhabitants of a house, but also to support creators and builders who design statement furniture and decor items.

Avant Basic is the perfect reflection of the aesthetic of the new generation, the desire for more freedom, uniqueness, self-expression, enthusiasm and experimentation.

There is no doubt that the pandemic is one of the reasons for the popularity of this style. As we spent more time in our home, we want to turn it into our personal space. We could not express ourselves in the style of our clothes, since we hardly went out, so we expressed ourselves in the style of our decor. We may not have control and freedom of the outside world, but we have freedom in the interior design of our home.

 Avant Basic decor pink checkered floor

Where does the Avant Basic term come from?

The term Avant Basic is contradictory, combining the word "Avant", meaning original or innovative, and "Basic", meaning mainstream and common. The term implies that this trend combines different styles of decoration, such as the vintage aesthetic of the 60s and 70s, with many contemporary styles, but always with a colorful and deliberately kitschy approach.

So we can recognize the style in other trends that we have seen lately such as Nostalgic decoration.

 Avant Basic decor pink green candles checkered pattern

How to recreate the style:

The way to adopt the Avant Basic style in your interior design is the combination of intense colors, designs and shapes with an interesting and fun style and the introduction of vintage aesthetic with creative expression.

When it comes to color, try to combine different options such as pastel shades, pop brightly shades, and also black and white elements.

Combine different patterns: psychedelic, checkered, swirling and floral. Choose pillows and artwork that showcase these patterns.

Choose original shapes like wavy and oval, in furniture and mirrors. From large sofas to small armchairs, the corners are replaced with the curves.


As for the decor, look for the odd item and abstract art. You can find decor to match the style, in shops with vintage items or in alternative, small creators.

Create a kitschy gallery wall, choosing prints reminiscent of the atmosphere of the 60s and 70s. You can even use vintage magazines and ad prints.

 Avant Basic decor art deco lamp light blue table

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