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Coffee table books: where & how we use them

Βιβλία Διακόσμησης: Που & Πως τα Χρησιμοποιούμε

Coffee table books are a decorative element that, although we see them very often in interior design photos, we forget to use them.

Coffee table books are usually large hardcover books that are used for decorative purposes. They are usually filled with pictures accompanied with captions.
The theme is non-fiction, with basic concept, for easy and light reading. Apart from their aesthetic value, many of these books may also have a lot of useful information or cover topics that may interest you and give you inspiration, such as decoration, art, photography, fashion, etc.

In any case, it is the ideal statement piece, as it is a very easily accessible object, which can catch the eye, inspire conversations and give a very special feel to your living room. In addition, as there is a wide variety of such books, we can all find the ideal option that expresses our interests and personal taste.

Below we have gathered some valuable Hints on how to use coffee table books in your decor.

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Think about the colors. Before shopping take the time to choose a color scheme that will work with your decor. Look at the main colors in your home and choose a similar color or a complementary color so that your decor has consistency. Also if you have a dark surface underneath, then you will want to create contrast with one or more books in light tones.

Coffee table books blue

Make stacks of books. This way you will create height on your coffee table. Create one or more stacks, starting with the largest book and ending with the smallest. You can arrange them by color, e.g. one with warm and one with cool colors, or  by book type. Ideally, create odd number stacks, starting with three. If you're using a round coffee table, think of it as a triangle, and place your stacks in the three corners.

coffee table decoration blue height stacks books candles

They can serve as a tray or base of smaller ornaments. In the article How to decorate your coffee table; I mentioned that an easy way to have a more organized and refined style on your table is to use a beautiful decorative tray, in which you can place your items. In this case you can replace the tray with a large coffee table book, on which you can place a vase with flowers, a small decorative object, a sculpture, a souvenir from a trip, candles, even frames... the options are infinite.

coffee table books decoration coffee table candles beige stone candles

Coffee table books are not just for your coffee table. Despite their name, feel free to place them on the shelves of your library, on your sideboard, on a small stool in the corner of the room, even leaning against a wall, if they are large enough in size. Look at your space and think about where you might need a touch of color or a special element may be missing and experiment.

coffee table books beige

Decorate the rest of your rooms with coffee table books. You can use them in the bedroom, as decorative items on your bedside table, in the entrance furniture or place larger-sized books in stacks and transform them into a small coffee table. They have a place even in your kitchen. You can use cookbooks and have them open, using a book stand. There are endless options. 

coffee table books desk

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