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5 Home Decor Ideas to make you happy in your home

Ιδέες για να νιώσετε χαρούμενα στο σπίτι σας

It is important to shed light on the fact that we are experiencing a difficult and sad time, globally. However near or far we may be from what is happening in the world, we cannot but be affected.

In any case, whatever happens and in whatever way it affects us, the obligations of everyday life continue to run. As uncertain as the future may seem, we have to protect our mental health and cope with the difficulties, for ourselves and our family. Whatever we face, we must remember that despite all the difficulties, we can evolve through them.

So with that logic, in trying to stay positive about our own people and in no way implying that anything can degrade what is happening in the world right now, I would like to share with you some ideas that will help you feel better, more comfortable and create happy moments in your home.

Remember that, joy can come from small things.

5 ideas to feel cheerful in your home decoration organization 

Add fresh flowers and plants

It is important in times of stress to stay in touch with nature and give life to your space.

Indoors, use smaller plants, such as succulents to decorate your shelves, and use larger ones, such as palms in corners of your living room, or to hide something you don't like.

Also decorate your vases with beautiful, fresh flowers that will cheer you up.

If you have a garden, work in your garden, water and take care of your plants, or create a small garden in your balcony.

 5 ideas to feel happy in your home plants decoration

Choose art and decoration that sooth you

Perhaps the time has come to decorate that wall that you are constantly postponing.

You can choose a large statement piece, or smaller prints to make your own gallery wall. Make sure the choices express you and above all calm you down. A good thought is to choose some of your photos, from holidays or from moments that give you joy.

As for the decoration of the rest of the house, put yourself as a priority you and your own wishes. Bring to the fore decorations, personal souvenirs, books and pictures that make you happy. Take inspiration from trends but don't follow them faithfully if they don't express you.

5 ideas to feel happy in your home plants decorating artwork and decorations 

Bring natural light in the House

I have talked enough about that the Danes and how they profess that the creation of a cheerful atmosphere in the house, can come from the selection of appropriate lighting.

Danes carefully select their lamps and place them in strategic places, so that they enjoy relaxed and perimeter lighting. Lighting for the Danes is a whole science, because they think it has a direct bearing on their well-being.

By embracing this logic, we can cheer up by creating many light sources in our home, by opening our curtains to allow natural light to enter the space.

You can find additional information about lighting in the article Home lighting: the leading trends of 2022.

5 ideas to feel happy in your home gallery wall light green scandinavian 

Develop your skills or learn something new

Developing our knowledge in our field, but also discovering new things that may interest us, helps us evolve and feel more confident in our abilities.

Whether attending online courses, going out and learning a new art with our hands, it helps us to turn our attention to happy thoughts and makes us feel successful.

Since you are reading this article on HINTSDECO, you may be interested in interior design. So why not look for books or seminars that touch on this topic? Or why not learn how to create your own decorative items that will be more personal and special, starting pottery or sculpture courses?

5 ideas to feel happy at home 

Organize your space

Organizing and arranging your home, can help you “forget” in a productive way. Also, everyday life in a messy space can create stress and tension.

Tidying up that messy closet, pantry or loft of yours will stimulate your mood and reduce your stress levels.

Whether on your own, or with a friend, put on music or your favorite podcast and get started. Create new and more ergonomic storage space, sell, donate or throw away things that you do not need or can't be repaired.

 5 ideas to feel cheerful in your home decoration organization

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