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Back to school: With the colourful lockers of Mustard Made

Back to school: Mε τα πολύχρωμα ντουλάπια της Mustard Made

We are now a breath away from going back to school! We may say goodbye to the carefree summer, but at the same time we think about the beautiful moments of autumn. Hot beverages, smells of all autumn desserts, orange and red leaves, a good book accompanied by the sound of the rain, these are just some of the things we can look forward to.

But for starters, let's focus on what comes first. Often, the preparation for returning to school can be chaotic! So I'd like to show you some ways to use its brand new products of Mustard Made in the children's or teenager's room or even in the college student home or dorm, for a functional, happy and funky result that can make your everyday life much easier.

First of all, what is Mustard Made; Mustard Made's goal is to create beautiful, modern and practical metal lockers for the home, workplace and children's rooms, in dozens of sizes and colors.

A Mustard Midi sits against an exposed brick wall below an industrial style window. There are books, plants and records scattered around.

image credit - See the product The Midi

A Slate Lowdown sits in a corner next to a grey velvet armchair. Behind it there is a gallery wall displaying vintage style sports items such as wooden rackets and team flags.

image credit - See the product The Lowdown

Mustard Made yellow children's room

 image credit

The lockers are ideal for the children's room as they can keep your belongings tidy, they take up minimal space while they have a large capacity and can stand alone or in combination with other lockers. Also, they're easy to assemble!

Ideal for small spaces

When your space is small, every square counts. The lockers can match even in the most difficult corners. Just choose a cabinet that suits your needs. For example, if you have an empty space under your shelves or desk, you can choose the style The Lowdown or if you have a narrow vertical space, you can choose the The Skinnyto maximize storage capacity without taking up more space.

In a retro-inspired room, three Skinnys in Slate, Mustard and Olive sit flush into a nook next to an ornate Victorian fireplace. There is a vintage red metal toy car on top, and an open case full of colorful books on the floor.

A Lilac Lowdown sits in a brightly colored kids room next to a bed dressed in bright, patterned linen. There is a rainbow ice cream sticker on the locker.

image credit  - See the product The Lowdown

Soft light filters through sheer curtains to a room with two single wooden beds dressed in soft, earthy shades of terracotta and lilac. Between them sits a pairing of Shortys in Olive amd Blush and there is a string of bunting on the ceiling.

image credit - See the product The Shorty

An Ocean Shorty sits next to the bed in a room painted vivid apple green and white. The bedding combines navy gingham with bright green patterns and a whimsical pear cushion, and there is a dog on the bed.

image credit  - See the product The Shorty

An Ocean Midi is nestled in a kids room next to a loft bed with an arrangement of beanbags and cushions below it. There is a sign reading 'wild child' on the locker and Wordbits magnets spell out CLOTHES.

Practical solution for a desk

A simple and smart solution: By using two lockers The Shorty and a horizontal surface, you can create a desk that even includes a storage space. Alternatively, you can place one of the lockers under the desk you already have.

mustard made green lockers desk

image credit  - See the product The Shorty

Mustard Made Lockers The Must-have Storage Solutions for Your Home – Is To Me

image credit  - See the product The Shorty

Organize school supplies

Did you know that the lockers by Mustard Made, are eInspired by the retro school locker? So we could say that they are MADE for back to school solutions! Use cabinets to organize books, notebooks, stationery, even items for extracurricular activities. The options are endless and you won't have to spend another morning looking for this one missing notebook.

A Lilac Lowdown sits in a kids room styled with wooden toys and Blush soft furnishings. There is a blush and white checked rug on the floor.

image credit See the product The Lowdown

A Berry Midi has its doors open, revealing a collection of pink and white accessories inside including baskets, a backpack, toys and books. There is a pair of headphones hanging on the hook on the inside of the door.

image credit See the product The Lowdown

A Mustard Lowdown has the words 'my craft space' spelled out in Wordbits magnets on the door. Inside is a collection of jars and baskets stocked with craft supplies including paints, sparkles, wool and beads.

image credit

Smart nightstand

Exploring the many different ways of using the lockers, their use as bedside tables is very common, with style The Shorty be the most common. I suggested something similar in the article 6 Original options for alternative bedside tables.Two Shortys in Sage and Olive sit side by side in a kids bedroom. They are positioned between two beds dressed in green linens and there is a green paper garland hanging on the wall.

A rose gold single bed with a blush canopy sits in a soft pink and cream room. There are fairy lights wrapped around the bedhead and a Berry Shorty is arranged next to a cane chair in the shape of a flower.
Mustard made green

image credit  - See the product The Shorty

image credit See the product The Lowdown

The cutest mini closets

This solution can completely change your morning routine. One (or two side by side) lockers The Skinny is the perfect choice to have your school clothes ready for the next day. It even has space with adjustable shelves, where you can keep all the accessories you need, such as hats, socks, shoes, etc. making your life easy.

An Ocean Twinny is standing with the door open next to a Monstera plant. Inside you can see blue baskets stacked and blue and green clothing hanging on the rail.

image credit

A Mustard Skinny is styled with a range of Olive and Mustard accessories including baskets, clothes and boots.

image credit See the product The Skinny 

A Berry Twinny and a Blush Skinny sit side-by-side at the foot of a bed. Wordbits magnets spell out 'get dressed' on the front and colorful baskets sit on top.

image credit See the product The Skinny

A Blush Skinny is open to reveal clothes, bags and accessories, while on the floor lie skateboards, rollerskates and records in pastel colours.

A White Skinny sits in the corner of a neutral-toned room with accents in shades of brown. There is a taupe arch painted on the wall with a white palm tree sketch, and a wooden table and chairs arranged around some toys.

 There are so many other ways to use the lockers

Although we mentioned some ideas on how to use the Mustard Made lockers, there are dozens more, as they are designed to be extremely versatile. The lockers are beautiful and convenient to place in the office, in the kitchen to store food, in the hallway for shoes and coats, in the living room as TV furniture, buffet and more! So if you ever get bored with your locker, you can completely change the way you use it.

For the student house

The Mustard Made lockers are also ideal for the college student home or dorm, where usually spaces are small and require finding storage solutions that do not take up much space, while at the same time create a very interesting funky style of decoration. The student can choose their favorite color combinations, decorate their cabinets with magnets and use them in various practical ways, such as the ones we mentioned. Also the lockers are ideal in the case of roommates, since they lock.

A Lowdown in Slate is decorated with coffee table books and photography equipment. There is a ring light next to it.

image credit See the product The Lowdown

A Mustard Shorty sits between a bed and a bookshelf covered in brightly colored polaroid cameras. There are colorful records framed on the wall.

image credit  - See the product The Shorty

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