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Spring home decor: Τhe trends from Maison et Objet!

Ανοιξιάτικη διακόσμηση σπιτιού: Οι τάσεις από τη Maison et Objet

The Maison et Objet spring exhibition has ended in Paris and it's time to talk about new Trends!

Large interior design exhibitions are always an inspiration and a guide for designers in new projects.

Let's discover the new combinations of colors, materials, shapes and decorations that will renew your home and redefine your aesthetics.

Furniture with curves

I will start with a trend that we can't be doubted! Anyone who is even a little interested in decoration has seen it. We've already talked about this trend in the article 2021 Deco Trends curated by hintsdeco and in the related article about the Avant Basic.

Curved furniture such as armchairs, sofas and tables dominate, offering a warmer, softer and “dreamy” style.

These rounded shapes prevail, as interior design is now quite oriented towards comfort, the creation of a “cocoon" and a sense of security.

Wherever you look, the angles are replaced with the curve.


Boucle fabrics

The boucle fabric is here to stay and accentuates all modern furniture in mid - century style.

Boucle fabric is not new as a material. It has been used since the middle of the century and is the same fabric that was used in the Famous EGG chair of modernist designer Arne Jacobsen, in the 1970s.

The embossed look of the woolen material is one of the few textures that can add retro comfort to any space. In addition, the white creamy shade that usually appears, is an excellent neutral color addition to a space, suitable for any season.

Soon we will see it also dominate in shades of Brown and blue.

For those of you who do not have immediate plans to buy new furniture, renew your sofa and armchairs with new Boucle pillows.


Irregular mirrors

Irregular mirrors can give a new dimension to a room and a completely different atmosphere to your home.

After the round and free-standing vertical mirrors that we have seen in recent years, it is time to see the new mirror, with irregular, corrugated, minimalist or more elaborate unique shapes.

Due to their unusual form they can be hung in a variety of ways and determine the style that you want to give your home.

The possibilities of using an irregular mirror are infinite and have the ability to give individuality and personality to a room, like no other element of decor.


Glass objects in sculptural shapes

The new trend that takes off the interior space, are decorative glass objects that have evolved into sculptures and draw all the eyes on them. Vases are not simple containers for placing flowers, and lamps are not simple lamps with an ordinary shape. The new objects have organic forms, human figures and shapes that in themselves are works of art.

Abstract designs

Pillows, throws, rugs, runners, art prints and many more objects are inspired by abstract works of art.

Abstract art in times of uncertainty provides escape from reality and acts soothingly.

Geometric shapes, curves and beautiful patterns will give a warm, cheerful, modern mood and will be the new trend in many types of decoration.

Futuristic Retro

Retro Design of the 1960s and 1970s is one of the main decoration trends for 2022. A representative characteristic of it are the geometric shapes with bright colors that prevailed in those decades.

These vibrant designs are imprinted on wallpapers and fabrics and make a strong come back.

Their combination with the new curved furniture, give a futuristic dynamic to the new decoration that will concern us in the coming years.

Spring 2022 decoration

New Chinese Decor

Although it is impossible to point out the exact style of a nation with a rich and long history like China, there are certain images that come to our mind when we close our eyes and think about an interior decoration of a Chinese environment.

Elegant surfaces of dark lacquered wood, low lighting, decorative lanterns, folding screens with visual illustrations, wallpapers and vases with elaborate designs and details, color palettes that combine warm neutral colors with strong shades of red, black and gold.

All of the above create a design direction that originated thousands of years ago in Chinese culture and dates back to 1000 BC.Allah.

Elements of this decoration we see strongly returning to the interiors with a modern design perspective.

Many modern objects such as lamps, vases, tapestries etc. are influenced by this rich Asian culture.

Different Woods combined together

Another trend that will make a difference in decoration, is the design of furniture with a combination of different woods.

Light oak, gray brown and black, combine in a unique way and give us new design pieces that will emerge in a new trend.

The ocean gives inspiration

Nature in recent years has been the ultimate inspiration in decoration. This time the ocean will be the new trend in interior design.

The sea has always provided inspiration for designers. Its influence on interiors was present in different ways each season.The trend comes dynamically with many decorative objects and compositions with fish, shells and clams

Now is the time to inject a hint of that carefree holiday atmosphere into your space.

Decoration with rattan

We see Rattan again in design and modern creations, because it has many applications in both interior design and furniture design.

Rattan is flexible, durable, natural and warm material that can be used and give amazing curves and shapes.

A single piece of furniture or lamp from rattan is capable of transforming a space with its natural elegance.

The trend of decorating with rattan will continue to be in the spotlight, because it is a material that has the ability to bring nature into our home.

Focus on art

Time to release our hidden art collector.

Special attention is paid to supporting young, up-and-coming artists who use sustainable modes of production for their creations. Consciously designed works of art and decorations will come in priority.

We also see in the foreground, collections that present new perspectives, as well as landscapes. More specifically, for the trend of landscapes in works of art, it is probably connected with the trend of the natural element that has played a leading role in recent years.

Let's talk about colors

Let's see in four combinations, the rising trend in colors.

Of course the palettes are infinite, but the dominant colors we saw in the collections are the following:


Lilac is a soft, versatile color. Its combination with Orange is ideal and perfectly represents the new trends in decoration.



In the color wheel, purple and yellow are opposites, which makes them complementary. That's why their combination is a great option at home as well as for the garden.


Klein Blue-Kelly Green

Blue and green are cold colors and adjoined in the color circle.

That's why these vibrant shades are a refreshing combination that can give a bold look to your decor.

Earthy shades

They are present this year and give us the most harmonious decorations!

Designers embrace earth colors. Shades of brown, beige and terracotta are found in almost all collections.

spring decoration 2022
decor spring 2022 earthy shades
decor spring 2022 earthy shades
decor spring 2022 earthy shades

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