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How to decorate your coffee table;

Πώς να διακοσμήσω το τραπεζάκι σαλονιού;

The coffee table is the central piece in a living room and its decor easily defines and refreshes the style of a space.

You can place on it books, plenty of candles, mismatched vases, ceramic objects, beautiful candlesticks, decorative trays, small modern sculptures, plants in beautiful pots, large bouquets of fresh or dried flowers, things you find in nature and much more...

 coffee table decoration minimal beige

You can choose to be inventive and elegantly combine the items you have chosen, keeping in mind the following Basic Rules:

You need to match the decorative elements in the style of the table, its material and size.

When decorating the coffee table, it is important that it has a visual balance and be sure to maintain its functional value.

If our table is admired by ourselves, and our guests, if they touch the beautiful objects that are on it, then our decoration is successful.

 coffee table decoration gold white


Find below 5 HINTS, to show off your personal taste in decorating your table.

Think about the color of your decor

You can rely on the colors of your living room that they guide you. Use similar shades that complement each other, or in case the palette of the room is neutral, bring the color with your decorations.

As we mentioned in the article Nostalgic Interior Design 2022, the new color palettes are inspired by the legacy left to us by older decades, giving the new era, optimism, boldness and positive energy. To easily integrate this trend into your home, you can choose decorative items in Orange, terracotta, dark brown shades, pastel yellows, mustard and Deep Burgundy Red.

 coffee table decoration minimal beige

Decorative tray

An easy way to have a more organized and refined style on your table, is the use of a beautiful decorative tray, inside which you will have placed your decorations. This tray for example could consist of a vase of flowers or a pot with a thin tall plant, a modern, original small decorative object, a personal heirloom or a commemorative object from some trip and a candle.

 coffee table decoration tray candle
 coffee table decoration tray plant

Candles and candlesticks

Use modern candles in containers, teapots or candlesticks in which you can incorporate aromatic spermaceti, to give a pleasant aroma to your space. As I mentioned in the article, Decorate your buffet, as a professional decorator, according to Scandinavian design the "live lights" are a must have for a successful decoration.

Remember that the wicks from the candles should be lit once before placing them on the table, so that they look burnt. This small detail will give life to your decoration. Otherwise it will look " staged."

 Androgyne Lounge table decoration coffee table candles

Create height in the decoration

A necessary goal to aim for is to create height on your coffee table.

The height can be achieved with a modern ceramic object or an impressive vase.

An easy way is to make small stacks of books or magazines, on which you can place some beautiful decorative object with a height or some candle.

The books you place will give color to the decoration and indicate your interests. It's a nice way to open a conversation.

Traditionally coffee table books, as they are called, or cocktail table books as others know them, are usually large-format books, most often with a hard cover and their pages consist mainly of photos with small captions, which one can easily browse and use to open a light topic of conversation.

Beyond that the options are many, depending on your interests and your personality.

 coffee table decoration blue height books candles

Free space

Leave room for your everyday life. As we said, it's important not to overload our coffee table. Leave the necessary space so that the furniture retains its functional value and serves your needs.

 coffee table decoration Books Minimal White
 coffee table decoration Books Minimal beige lighting blankets cozy

Follow our latest articles for many more HINTS and write us in the comments what advice you would like next.


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