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10 smart changes that will bring a charming luxury to your home

10 έξυπνες αλλαγές στο σπίτι που δίνουν γοητευτική πολυτέλεια

Lately we stayed in our house a lot and felt the need to make changes.

Usually one of the first things we think about changing, are the colors on the walls.

Certainly the renewal of colors can give a cleanliness and some visual interest, but in itself this change does not make much of a difference.

Luxury has some features that if you follow them, you can upgrade the value of your home very easily.

Find below 10 Hints that will change your home.


Refresh your old lighting

We have spoken many times before about the importance of lighting in decoration. Whether you change your ceiling light, or the various floor lamps in the living room, adding a statement light fixture is always a worthwhile investment.

But if you want to choose an even more economical solution, then you can simply change the hats of your table lamps and your floor, with a particular choice in color or material.

Do not choose ordinary fixtures that go unnoticed. Select fixtures with an interesting shape and color.

The use of lentotape has evolved into an economical option. But do not use it without thinking, just to create a hidden lighting.

Architectural lighting need to be handled carefully, to have an impressive result. Otherwise it looks cheap and amateur.

You will find inspiration for lighting in the article Home Lighting: The leading trends of 2022.

Change the handles

An easy, fast and economical way to refresh the look of the kitchen, bathroom, even the bedroom.

Placing new knobs or handles will give a whole new style to your cabinets. Replacing the standard material with something more modern and stylish will instantly elevate your space.

Also the changes of door handles on the interior doors upgrade the style of even the simplest door.

An even more economical option, it's just to paint them another color. Have you thought about painting them black;

Find fashionable knobs here

  πόμολα πολυτέλεια διακόσμηση Minimal


Hang the TV on the wall

This small detail will give an unexpected luxury. Be sure to cover the wires with a suitable decorative spiral, if no provision has been made for them to be embedded in the wall.


Build an economical bioethanol fireplace

If there is no provision for a fireplace, bioethanol hobs are an excellent solution to give luxury to your space, at a relatively small cost.

Bioethanol fireplaces have a real flame, do not burn wood, nor do they produce pollutants, fumes, ashes and smells.

Purchase a simple minimal wall-mounted bioethanol hob (with as small a frame as possible) and incorporate it into a drywall construction.

From above you can make a recess for the TV or make a beautiful composition of ornaments and books.


Great ... art

A large painting or a picture will immediately draw attention. Try a black and white photo in a minimalist space or add color with an intense or abstract piece.

Alternatively, an ideal solution would be an art gallery wall. Show off your collection of artwork, framed photos and art prints. This is the right time to showcase your personality through the artworks you choose.

But pay attention to the quality of the prints you will buy and the quality of the frames you will place them.

It's not enough just to buy any poster!

Now there are high-quality prints, with a perhaps small price difference, that rival Real works of art.

Finally a large modern Vase, an original chair, a special stool or a large sculpture will automatically give a unique luxury to any space.

Discover art prints and artwork here.


Experiment with different textures

Adding different textures of materials to a room, you can create a special, ”expensive " look.

You will create an interesting look if you play with many different materials and textures such as Ratan baskets, ceramic jars, metal and paper fixtures, mirrors etc. Pay special attention to the pillows ... a good pillow identifies with the elegant style of the entire sofa or bed.

Correspondingly a 'cheap' pillow can degrade any decorative effort you have made.

Do not fall into the trap of low-quality glossy fabrics. You think they will give shine but in fact they degrade the aesthetics of the decoration.


Use flowers and plants in insteresting vases and caskets

Flowers and plants are an economical way to give life to a room. Look for jars and pots in natural materials, such as ceramics, stone, etc., with original shapes and special colors, add a bouquet of fresh or dried flowers, branches or plants and showcase them on a podium, a coffee table or a shelf.

If you choose monochrome flowers, in very close shades with your vase, then the result will be more charming and luxurious.

Avoid as much as you can the convenience of plastic flowers. In very few cases they look nice and only if they have excellent quality.

Add a carpet

A carpet can transform a room, mainly when the flooring is not nice. It adds the necessary warmth, texture, color and luxury to the space.

You can choose a minimal design or make the carpet, the highlight of the room.

If you can't buy a large carpet, buy two or three smaller and more economical ones, identical or relative to each other with a small difference in shades or patterns and place them in the space asymmetrically, one on top of the other or united... The result will impress you!

You will find several ideas for carpets in the article 6 great trends to help you choose the most beautiful carpets in 2020.


Create an Accent Wall

Whether you use a bold color, wood or wallpaper, you can give life to a monochrome space with a special, accent wall.

You can create an accent wall by choosing a more intense color shade, or by lining it with wooden panels or try using wallpaper. This will bring a dramatic change to the room.

Finally I will never stop saying it ... do not be afraid to paint the general walls of your house white.

White is a magical color!!

It highlights everything that is next to it and takes on different shades of Shadows and natural light.

  διακόσμηση πολυτέλεια Accent Wall ταπετσαρία πράσινο

Keep your space tidy

The space looks directly more luxurious if it is tidy and organized.

Get rid of things you no longer want or use, and then look for stylish baskets inserts for shelves and cabinets, which will help you organize clutter.

If you are not sure where to start, put some simple and achievable goals to organize your home.

Follow our latest articles for many more HINTS and write us in the comments what advice you would like next.

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