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WOERA's new Showroom has been designed by Hintsdeco

Το νέο Showroom της WOERA διακοσμήθηκε από το Hintsdeco

Woera's new showroom is located in the center of Athens and was recently decorated by Hintsdeco.

Behind Woera is the Trendsetter and Fashion entrepreneur Natalia Georgala, who founded the company in late 2019.

Woera offers an exclusive collection of classic shirts, designed exclusively for the woman of today, inspired by the men's wardrobe.

But I'm going to let Natalia herself explain Woera's Story better.

 Woera Hintsdeco Natalia Georgala

How did the idea come about and how you inspired the name of the company?

The idea was born about five years ago through discussions with my partner about where to find the "perfect" boyfriend shirt, tailored over the female figure.

Seeing my needs not adequately covered by what was on the market, I made the decision to create something myself that would cover them.

The name arose from a strong and promising expression: "Women's Era".

WOERA's goal is to do what her name also alludes to: inspire a new era for woman.

Woera showroom by hintsdeco candlesticks

What is your vision for Woera?

My primary goal was to create the perfect men's shirt for women. But my vision for the future is much bigger.

I imagine WOERA evolving into a lifestyle brand of international standards purely inspired by the men's look, gradually incorporating new designs, such as pants, Bermuda, etc. - some of which are already included in our new collection for Spring / Summer 2022 which will be available from the end of February.

How do you imagine the woman of 2022?

Uncompromising, multitalented and unrivalled dynamic.

What is your relationship with interior design;

Dangerously (!) good, especially in recent years. I believe that fashion is directly related to decoration, so it was natural that my love for this area also blossomed more and more while growing up.

I see interior decoration as a way of self-expression and I like to capture elements of my personality through it.

 Woera Hintsdeco Natalia Georgala chairs 


How did you dream of the new interior of Woera to better represent the style of your clothes and therefore the brand of Woera?

Simple, elegant, in minimal lines and muted tones. I wanted it to state who we are, without words.

As soon as visitors enter the space our story unfolds and the clothes turn into protagonists.  

Why did you choose Hintsdeco for Woera's decoration;

I think it fits 100% in my personal aesthetic, and by extension Woera's.

Katerina embraced my vision from our very first conversation; She recognized my needs and was able to guide me appropriately. I think the result speaks for itself


A few words about the renovation and decoration of the site

The main area of Woera is 37 sqm and before the renovation was separated in two parts by an old glass. This glass was removed and thus a larger single space was created.

The floor was lined with light wooden laminate. The interior walls were painted with neutral beige paint. On the left side of the space, a handmade glass oval table was placed, which rests on 2 gray podiums made of Fiber clay by the Scandinavian company Broste Copenhagen.

The table is framed by modern Oda chairs. Their curved shape fully harmonises with the new design trends.

On the right side of the space, supports for hangers were placed from the ceiling, for the wonderful collection of Woera. Directly behind that, we placed a wide mirror with a frame on the floor, which helps the room appear larger and reflects the light.

Particular attention was paid to lighting, where the industrial bulb chandelier of the Scandinavian house 101 Copenhagen was placed asymmetrically just above the table, while rails with spots illuminated the remaining spots.

Finally, the big brutalist decorative vases form 101 CPH contrast with the refined glass objects, the books, candles and plants, giving an attractive balance to the final result.

Showroom WOERA by Hintsdeco before after
Showroom WOERA by Hintsdeco before after
Showroom WOERA by Hintsdeco before after


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