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Decorate your buffet, as a professional decorator!

Διακοσμήστε το μπουφέ σας, σαν επαγγελματίας διακοσμητής!

"How to decorate the buffet in the living room?"

..It's a common question I receive from your email

Find below intelligent hints as well as suggestions from Hintsdeco's new WebShop!

#HINT_Place a single number of similar objects. For example, three jars will show better than two.

#HINT_ Keep balance in the heights both between the  deco objects and between the wall and the objects.

Notice the example in the image above:
Left on the wall, there is a large vertical poster by The Poster Club, while at the right there is a 101 Copenhagen jar. The is was then covered with two smaller poster that occupy about 2/3 of the buffet. The rest of the wall is covered with two smaller vases similar to the larger.

#HINT_ Place books to give your personal style.

#HINT_ Finally, complete the design with a table lamp combined with modern candles and candlesticks. According to the Scandinavian Design "Live Lights" is must have for a successful decoration.

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Diakosmhh Saloni Mpoufes

Vase Duck Fat, 101 Copenhagen

Diakosmhh Saloni Mpoufes

Vase SphereBubl, 101 Copenhagen

Diakosmhh Saloni Mpoufes

Waiting, Sofia Lind

Diakosmhh Saloni Mpoufes

Still Waiting, Sofia Lind

Glass Brass Clear, Hübsch


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