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6 great trends to help you choose the most beautiful carpets in 2020

6 μεγάλες τάσεις για να επιλέξετε τα ομορφότερα χαλιά του 2019 – 2020

Carpets have certainly had a magical charm on us ever since we first heard Aladdin’s story with his flying carpet.
Since they were first created by nomads from Asia, their manufacturing has evolved into a true art. They have come to be the ultimate decorative element for a warm and sophisticated house.
In Greece, we've always used "wraps" for warmth, insulation and beauty in the home.
Depending on the local traditions and climate of each place, we’ve employed a variety of hand-woven textiles, kilims, patchwork quilts and long-haired rugs.

Hand-made carpets with elaborate patterns from the Orient were found in considerably fewer homes. With the luxury taxes and duties imposed at the time, their import excessively increased the cost and, as a result, it was very few that could afford them.

Gradually, with the creation of industrial, machine-made carpets, acquiring a beautiful carpet became easy and affordable.
Nowadays, there is a great wealth of choices – unfortunately, however, this manufacturing easiness has also resulted in creating many low aesthetics carpets.

A tasteful carpet adds style to a decoration, so pay a little more attention while choosing it.
When buying a new carpet, also go for elegance.
Consult hintsdeco today about the main trends in selecting carpets, so that you have an informed house for the coming years.

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Earthly shades

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Carpets in earthly shades and materials are guaranteed to be a successful choice, as they are easy to combine with all deco styles.
Beige jute, terracotta shades, warm greens, browns, autumn orange and yellow, worn red – they’re all bound to add charm to the design of every room.
The natural earthly hues will allow the rooms to look bigger and brighter.

Geometric patterns

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In all design shows, geometrically-patterned carpets took center stage.
Even though this particular trend is not so new in decoration, this time we see it established with new patterns, colorations and contrasts, offering a fresh approach to design.
What really kindled my interest was the darker-shaded carpets, on which contrasting and more lightly-coloured geometric patterns were evident. In addition, pastel combinations are increasingly gaining ground.

If you choose such a bold carpet for your living room, you can be sure that you’ll have a work of art literally at your feet, which will very cleverly accentuate even the simplest, most neutral decoration.

Asymmetrical carpets

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If you feel like adding some inspiration to your home, then don’t hesitate to buy an asymmetrical carpet.
The idea starting from the beautiful trend of layering carpets of various shapes and colours, or sticking them one next to the other.
Pioneering in this field is the Moroso company – in its great exhibitions, the furniture was always layered in its presentations, arranged upon multi-coloured kilims.
The trend is set to keep going strong in the next years.
Nevertheless, as it is difficult to buy so many carpets that can be properly combined in terms of shapes and colours, contemporary designers have come up with a solution.
They have designed asymmetrical carpets for a decoration bound to surpass all expectations!

Of course, if you’re feeling inspired, you can always create your own composition of carpets in bold colours, stripes and a variety of textures, so you can ensure stylistic perfection.


Invest in a kilim and you’ll never regret it.
It’s the kind of rug that will instantly bring your house to life, it’ll give your decoration a pop note and offer a unique visual interest in your space.
Kilims come in beautiful colours and patterns and are ideal for creating the perfect contrasts and balances in a white decoration or a Scandinavian design.

Go for large carpets

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In recent years, we’ve seen small-size carpets placed under a coffee table or in front of an armchair.
This trend was definitely dominant for financial reasons too, since it made it relatively easy to acquire a warm decoration on a small budget.
However, in the years to come, large carpets will be making a comeback as the ultimate trend in decoration.
A large-size carpet in tailored-to-your-space dimensions and properly placed in front of or under the sofas will bring a sense of luxury and create the illusion that the room is even bigger.
Don’t give in to a carpet with a more-or-less fit; instead, go for a customized carpet in the proper measurements that perfectly match your space.
Keep smaller carpets for the house entryway or the bedroom.

Lay carpets on the balcony or in the garden

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This last trend was the very reason that prompted me to write this article right now with summer right around the corner.
The fact that, nowadays, there are special carpets which can be laid in our homes during the summer is by no means new. Yet, this trend is set to dominate our balconies and gardens; from now on, it’s going to be of more interest to all of us.
Αll of you deco-lovers annoyed by the plain tiles under your summer furniture can now add colour and style, laying specially-made outdoor carpets; the result will definitely make it worth your while!
Create unique relaxation corners, selecting carpets made of natural or specially processed materials, appropriate for outdoor spaces.
Of course, I couldn’t have remained indifferent to the new wonderful collection by the FURDECO company, which recommends unique pieces for our balcony and garden decorations.
Discover these particular ones and many more at the FURDECO shop at 256, Kifissias Avenue in the suburb of Chalandri, Athens, as well as the Notos Home ground-floor shop at the Golden Hall shopping and entertainment complex.

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