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Wonderful conversion of a 70’s residence in Nafpaktos into a getaway


Nafpaktos is a seaside castle-town that has survived for the past 3,500 years, fully preserving its traditional colour. It’s a picturesque town, full of history, monuments, beautiful neighbourhoods, paved alleys, blossoming gardens and hospitable inhabitants.

By the sea and close to the ravishing Venetian port lies this outstanding house, recently renovated by its owners, with a view to hosting the family, friends and guests who wish to enjoy unique summer and winter holiday experiences.

Following a well thought out restructuring of the 70’s floor plans with the small rooms, corridors and hallways, this residence now looks nothing like it used to.

Today, the two-storey house is 150m2and boasts 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 3 sitting-rooms, a fireplace and a modern, fully-equipped kitchen with a dining table.

A wooden interior staircase provides access to the upper floor, while the balcony and windows offer a view that extends all the way to the sea and the Rion - Antirion Bridge.

The furniture and objects were carefully selected by the owners, skillfully harmonising old and contemporary deco items.

Thermal insulation was applied to the building exterior in order to ensure better energy efficiency, wooden shutters and front door were installed, while elements of both folklore and neoclassical architecture were also integrated.

This amazing two-storey residence is available for rent for long periods of time through the Airbnb platform.


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