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Entrance Decoration: Smart Ideas That Will Highlight Your Space!

Διακόσμηση εισόδου: Έξυπνες ιδέες που θα αναδείξουν το χώρο σας

The first place you see, you and your visitors when you enter your home, is the entrance. A beautiful but also functional entrance can create feelings of warmth and relaxation and create feelings of hospitality to your guests, from the very first moment they visit.

There're many challenges when decorating an entrance, because it can be small, narrow, to have a strange shape or in the end resulting in a narrow wall. However, paying attention in this space of your home is very important, since the first impression is the one that counts.

 Entrance decoration orange plants

Find below, a few HINTS to make your entrance functional, beautiful, welcoming and to highlight your personal style!

Select the style you want to give the space.

Minimal with neutral shades, retro, vintage, neoclassical, Boho, Ethnic, Mix and Match with bold colors ...

Whatever you decide, it's important to use the right furniture, art pieces, lamps and decorative items that will highlight and create continuity with the rest of your house.

 Input decoration Black mirror

Consider your needs

Your choices when decorating your home should have functional value. Create a cozy corner with a bench, a small sofa or chair where you can sit to wear your shoes when leaving.

Make sure the furniture you choose have a gap from the floor, so you can place closed storage boxes if you lack space or to place your everyday shoes.

A small table, a dresser with a narrow shelf or console, would be perfect to leave your keys and other small items so you don't lose them again.

A hanger is perhaps the most perfect object for the entrance of your house. Especially if you don't have enough space for an entry closet.

The options are many and can really upgrade the final look impressively. Apart from the classic wooden hangers and metal hangers, you can select on withe a rack that you can decorate.

Place pots on the shelf, jars, books, favorite memorabilia to bring your personal style in decorating.

For simpler result you can place individual hooks in various shapes, materials and colors that will not go unnoticed. Even if left without clothes, they can themselves be decorative items for the wall of the entrance.

If space is narrow, put simple hooks in a row and place a thin rack directly above them, for frames and posters.

Another ideal choice for space saving, is the mounting of a hanger from the ceiling. The result is impressive and airy. Do not hesitate to hang a few pots that will give life to your space.

Finally an elegant coat rack could give height at the entrance and create a tasteful decorative effect.

 Entrance Decoration Wood Hanger

Mirror means light

A mirror is always useful to the entrance of the house. It adds light and helps the entrance look more spacious. In recent years mirrors dynamically returned and we see them almost everywhere. Vertical, horizontal, floor, round, oval, mounted on a console or simply lying on the floor, it's the ultimate piece of furniture for an entrance.

If you have a narrow entrance and want it to look bigger, put a large vertical mirror at the end of the wall. This way your room will seem larger.

Ideal mirrors for small spaces are those attached with a shelf.

 decoration entrance mirror green

Shoe storage

The shoes are often a puzzle in the decoration of an entrance.

The design and manufacture of furniture that incorporate a closed shoe closet with a bench, shelves and hangers is ideal.

But because this is not always possible, a thing cabinet with compartments for shoes, could have perfect.

Shoes in front of the entrance don't help in a beautiful result.

The images we see on Pinterest perfectly showcase some shoes in a row out of the cupboards, but the reality is far of when the family is gathered at home and everyone leaves their shoes the entrance.

The more closed furniture there are more elegant and welcoming the entrance looks.

Input Decoration Storage Brown Wood Shoe


Place a large artwork, which will stand out.

Alternatively, if you want to create a cozy atmosphere at the entrance, make a wall with a collection of personal photos, posters and Decorative wall objects.

An alternative focal point for your entrance, can be a sculpture on the floor, a large floor vase or a statement stool.

 Entry Decoration Hubsch Art Works


One carpet will immediately give a warm and hospitable look at the entrance of your home. Especially if the furniture and the walls of the entrance are in neutral colors, use your carpet to bring in bold colors.

You can place tiles with a pattern only at the entrance. They will impress and in addition to their decorative role they can be cleaned very easily.

Input Decoration Floor Black Plant Tiles
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Input Decoration Floor Black PATTERN Tiles
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Entrance Decoration Floor Carpet Blue Vase Wall
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Do you have a radiator on your entrance?

Make it the focus of your decoration, covering it with a radiator cover or a fabric, creating an extra space for decorative objects.

 Decoration Entrance Radiator Wood Shelf



An impressive ceiling lamp can easily steal the impressions and determine the final style of an entrance.

In an indifferent entrance give life with a ceiling lamp in bright color.

Wall lamps can also play a decisive roll in the decoration both in the lighting of the space, and in the decorative style.

 Input decoration lighting

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Dare to paint the ceiling of you entrance with a bold color or place an impressive wallpaper.

Then place white lamps and impress your geusts!

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