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Pinterest 2019 decoration trends


Did you know that every December Pinterest publishes its research regarding the top trends for the following year?
This catalog is compiled based on all of our searches and saves on Pinterest boards.

Through the searches of over 250 million people, Pinterest is an amazing source of research; in this way, we can understand more about the trends and directions on many different markets.
What do you think?

From fashion to home design, food and beauty – these are but a few of the markets where this research is conducted.
Out of a long list, I’ve chosen some top trends related to interior decoration and home design.
Draw inspiration from these ideas and decorate your home in 2019!

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Flower garlands

The searches for flower garlands are increased by 1,154%.
It’s a really huge number, which allows us to say that this is the “it”-deco element for this year.
Flowers climbing on tables, hanging from the roof and walls like curtains: they all look truly impressive and inspire all decoration styles.
Especially dried flower arrangements.

Textile creations

via Pinterest
via Pinterest

Another deco trend that’s definitely going super strong in 2019 is textile creations hanging on the walls.
In fact, it’s a small trend, since the Pinterest searches increased by 1,718% and derive from our need to give our home a sense of softness and warmth, making it look cozier and more hospitable.
Make sure, however, not to exaggerate as many designers point out that this particular trend is already starting to fade out.

Tin inspirations

For the fans of vintage decoration, the search for ideas with tin tiles increased by at 563%.
Use it or as a tile on the wall of the kitchen or as a wallpaper in a room and make the difference.


via Pinterest

Neon lights and signs are making a dynamic appearance in decoration.
This is proven by the +281% in the searches for neon signs, especially for wedding decorations.
People celebrate great moments of their life by sending bright messages

Modern fireplaces

via Pinterest

Certainly, fireplaces are an everlasting trend in decoration. However, it seems that people’s interest in modern, indoor and outdoor, fireplaces is increasing impressively this year.
The search for modern fireplaces increased by 763% in Pinterest in 2018 as compared to the previous years.

Geometric wall paint

This is another deco trend which, though widespread enough, is still on the increase in people’s searches (+ 225%).
The trend is considerably strong, especially when it comes to children’s rooms decor.

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Painted floors

via Pinterest
via Pinterest
via Pinterest
via Pinterest

Another idea that you can put to practice in 2019 is painting an indifferent floor in intense colors and patterns.
The number of people searching for this technique is on a high rise (+1,276%) and it’s a very interesting idea to try.

Bold wallpaper prints

via Pinterest

Wallpapers will also be a great trend in 2019, but make sure that you’ve chosen bold patterns for your decoration.
The search for bold wallpapers has risen to 401%.

Chalk paint colours

via Pinterest

Although we’d expect that this trend would be outmoded, the search figures prove the exact opposite!
Actually, interest in the inspiration and application manners of this paint has risen by 664%.

Vertical gardens

via Pinterest

Vertical gardens proved a major deco trend last year!
The search for natural green from ceiling to floor reached a +287%.

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Smoke bomb photographs

via Pinterest
via Pinterest

The search for this trend in wall decoration increased by 436% this year.
It can provide inspiration for a special and modern decor, as well as very beautiful wedding deco ideas.


Be ready to see a lot of lilac in 2019!
This wonderful and cool pastel colour was searched for by +1,077% this year and, lately, we’ve noticed it make an appearance in decoration.

Rebel mustard yellow

via Pinterest
via Pinterest
via Pinterest

Finally, the must-colour this year is mustard yellow!
With more than +45% searches by all Pinterest lovers, this warm shade of yellow is very easily integrated on interior home walls, since it wonderfully complements both earthly tints and grey hues.


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