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6 unique interior trends that caught my eye at the 2019 Maison & Objet

6 μοναδικά interior trends που σημείωσα στη Maison et Objet

The popular Maison et Objet event is over.
As every year, the Μ&O was a celebration of design, creativity and quality.
It hosted wonderful brands and amazing designers.
New year, new trends!!
Following all the new products and materials proposed by major companies, I’ve selected the basic trends that will dominate home appearance and aesthetics in 2019.

Earthy through and through

via Pinterest
via Pinterest

After the countless shades of gray in recent years, thanks to Scandinavian design, time to warm up our homes.
Warm beige hues are now replacing gray as our new favourite neutral colour.
Gray is blending with earthy browns and returns us back to our natural environment.
The extensive use of natural materials and furniture made of jute, unprocessed wood and cannabis, create the rustic sensation underlying our need to live in simplicity and awareness.
2019 means back to basics and the bare essentials!

Art Deco

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At the other end of the spectrum, the influence of Art Deco made a huge mark on the M&Ο trade this year.
It was evident not only in the colours and fabrics, but also in furniture and lighting design.
Pink velvet, appearing practically everywhere in the fair trade, from pillows and pouffes to statement sofas, shows us how popular it is as a colour and material.
And when combined with olive green, oxblood red and navy blue, it instantly travels us back to the glamorous Great Gatsby era.
The patterns associated with the Art Deco style were used by grand houses and appeared extensively in fabrics, lighting, tableware, mirrors and the details of many furniture and deco elements.
The curves, velvety textures and golden details were abundant, clearly indicating that Art Deco is making a dynamic comeback.

Mid-century but...

In recent years, one of the favourite styles has been mid-century, of course.
However, as of this year, this style will look more interesting if blended with other decorative elements.
If this is the main deco style in your home, liven it up and mix the decor with the new trends and choices.
Otherwise, it’ll only look old-fashioned!

Pastel colours

via Pinterest

In 2019, pastel colours will shoot for the sky…
All our beloved designers created objects in pastel tones using fresh shades of the classic pale colours.
Hues including soft sage, soft yellow, milky pink and baby blue with lilac tints add a retro character to the otherwise modern designer items.
Gold and bronze are making a discreet appearance among the pastel shades, offering warmth and a mature touch to the new trend.

Green all over

From soft sage to dark, muted and forest green, it is one of the best-selling colours that stood out in the M&O.
Green in kitchen cabinets, sofas and fabrics gave a vintage and sophisticated dimension all around the fair-trade spaces.
This year, we’re bound to see this colour more than ever before!

All the shades of coral

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If you’re thinking about which colour to add to your life in order to pump your decoration with energy and liveliness, the answer is most definitely coral.
Living Coral, as we’ve already mentioned, was declared the new “it”- colour for 2019 by Pantone and we’ll be seeing it in all its shades this year.
We’ll discover its warmth in fabrics, cushions, plates and decoration items in unexpected shades, such as warm orange and earthy terracotta.
It’s so difficult to resist!


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