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Minimal traditional residence on the island of Kea


Kea (Tzia) is an island with rich history and exceptional natural beauty.
On this Cycladic gem, under the Mediterranean sun, a minimal traditional residence was built in the Marades region.

The 145m2 residence was designed with respect for its natural surroundings and harmoniously co-exists with the unique landscape of this beautiful island.
The residence is built on a mound and spans on two levels, offering an unobstructed view of the big blue of the sea.

Preserving the traditional architecture of the island, local Kean stone and solid wood were used in doors and windows.
The green colour in window and door frames adds unique traditional beauty to the building.

The first level includes the sitting-room, the dining-room, the kitchen and two bedrooms with two bathrooms.

The minimal sofa from Casa di voz is so placed that both owners and visitors can gaze at the aquamarine landscape.

The modern kitchen was created using natural wood and gray screed, giving the house sophisticated traditional elements.

The floor and bathroom were fitted with rettificato stone-type tiles from the Bagno Y Bagno shop.
The wonderful sanitary ware, chosen from the Biente shop, offers luxury through its simplicity.

Climbing the interior staircase, on the second level, we find a big, bright bedroom with a transparent glass bathroom.
This bold detail has been designed for open-minded people and was chosen by the owners to make the space look brighter, more modern and spacious.

Beautiful artwork, lanterns, pebble-shaped tables and rattan objects have been carefully selected, offering the residence cozy aesthetics.

The exterior is hospitable with contemporary furniture, while the view takes the breath away with every look.

The existence of a small traditional church on the plot complements the Cycladic landscape, highlighting its uniqueness.
It houses 3 fabulous icons made of solid wood and created with passion and love by the religious painter Eleni Kapsanaki.

Villa Stelios has been built with taste and high aesthetics so that its owners can spend marvelous, relaxing moments there, but very soon it will also be available for rent on the Airbnb and Booking platforms.

Construction manager : Nathalie Carastamati
Decoration : Hintsdeco

Photos by GkM Photography


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