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Catch everyone by surprise, using colour in ceilings

Κάντε την έκπληξη βάζοντας χρώμα στις οροφές

When we take the decision for a home makeover, the first thing that springs to mind is to change room colours or install a wallpaper to emphasise one of the walls.

This year, though, think outside the box: highlight the ceilings!

Go for a surprise effect in your room, choosing a bright colour for the ceiling or have it fitted with a beautiful wallpaper, so you can make a real difference in your home decor.

One room alone is enough to change your mood at once.

I love the sense of luxury this floral wallpaper gives the bedroom!

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In combination with the golden lighting fixture, the geometric patterns on the ceiling exceed all aesthetic expectations in this otherwise austere white kitchen.

The ceiling leaves over this house entrance can take you to the tropical place of your dreams.

Leaves in the bathroom – and let its charms enchant all visitors!

The striking contrast between the white walls and grey-black ceiling allows the furniture to stand out.

It serves as a canvas, giving prominence to the decorative details in the best possible way.

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I love this yellow ceiling in the kitchen.

Its combination with the white walls and cabinets, as well as the geometric floor, gives a fresh look to this neoclassical room.

I saved my beloved fair-faced concrete for last.

It’s the kind of material I would easily select for all the room ceilings in my house!

It’s the architects’ favourite choice because of the simplicity and abstraction it offers buildings.

In this bedroom, the fair-faced concrete coupled with the wooden lath construction on the wall and ceiling offers an unparalleled, timeless beauty.

decoration needs boldness…


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