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Ideas for children’s rooms full of inspiration

Ιδέες διακόσμησης για παιδικά δωμάτια

Autumn is often that time of year when we usually think about decluttering our house, painting or redecorating it – in fact, it’s when we start preparing for winter since we’ll find ourselves spending more and more time at home then.

Among everything else, I find that now is probably the perfect moment to freshen up the sweetest place in the home: children’s rooms.

What we wish for our wonderful children is a hospitable space, a warm nest where they can play, dream and sleep.

However, we also aim to create an encouraging environment that will enable them to develop their personality and curiosity.

Would it be possible to style a space according to our expectations, but still make it modern and elegant?

The answer is: by all means! And that’s because, nowadays, there are many beautiful decoration ideas, patterns, colours and materials, so there’s no reason for us to stick to traditional children’s room designs.

If you’d like your little ones’ home refuge to remain modern and up-to-date, explore fantastic new decor ideas below.

Use beautiful colours to create geometric patterns or plain lines on the walls and blend your furniture into these patterns, ensuring a most interesting result for the room.

Via Pinterest

Actually, if you also add some lovely stickers at clever spots, you’re in for a unique outcome.

Don’t hesitate to paint a wall black.
Either with regular or chalkboard paint, one thing is for sure: the end result will surely impress you!

If you can’t find the proper bed on the market, then go for an original construction by a carpenter, much like the following ones.

Via Pinterest
Via Pinterest

Create study and rest areas, using colours and ligthing. Such a combination will make the room look bigger.

Hang a light with a special design, one you’d never have regarded as an option for a children’s room.

This characteristic element can make a world of difference, all on its own!

Via Pinterest

We all loved playing and sleeping in a tent when we were children.

We enjoyed this feeling of privacy at a safe place, out of sight. Well, nothing has changed over the years. I can assure you that children are still very fond of hiding away and playing there!

Instead of resorting to makeshift sheet tents these days, just pick a beautiful one, made of natural materials and in great colours; there are many such tents available in stores. It’ll be the ultimate corner for reading, relaxing and creating.

If you have space available, why not hang a swing from the ceiling? And let your children dream away, swinging in their room…

As much as possible, prefer accessories made of natural materials, such as rattan, jute, cork, etc.

The use of natural and organic elements is the ultimate bedroom trend.

Combine them with tropical patterns like cacti, beaches, palm trees, pineapples and flamingoes.

The tropical-themed trend is still going strong this year, too.

Bohemian chic is a top trend in children’s rooms.

It’s the most wonderful way to use colours, achieving a chic result at the same time.

It’s playful, lively and, above all, energizing.

Add an oriental rug, some colourful fabrics, a plant ... and you’re all ready!

Vintage furniture in childern rooms are coming back, givinbg a special character in decoration.

Children’s films have a great impact on the trends concerning children’s room designs.

Smartly blend in details featuring penguins, reindeer, polar bears, alpacas and sloths.

Alternatively, go for smaller animals from the British wildlife, such as rabbits, owls and foxes.

Just by adding a few pictures, stickers or soft toys and using the proper colourations, you can enjoy a fabulous result in your decoration.

Black and white wallpapers are 2018 trend!

Finally, add woven furniture, warm fabrics -such as furry throws and little blankets-, decorative lights, original rugs and you’re guaranteed a unique result.

Scroll down for some extra colour combinations that you can use in children’s rooms this year.

And some of my all-favourite choices!

Happy school year everyone!


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