Create happy homes!

«Λύσεις ευτυχίας» στην εσωτερική διακόσμηση και το σχεδιασμό

Although the weather in Denmark is gloomy with little sunshine and long dark winters (it's August 17 at the moment I am writing to you and it has been raining non-stop since the morning with 18 degrees Celsius), according to the European Research Center the Danes are the happiest people in Europe.

And when the weather isn’t good they gather in their houses, socialize with relatives and friends and do hygge…

But what is hygge and how is it related to happiness?

"You can understand hygge when you feel it," writes Meik Wiking in his book "The Little Book of Hygge: Danish Secrets to Happy Living".

From choosing the correct lighting and preparing dinner, to choosing clothes and decorating your home, everything contributes to the ideal atmosphere of peace and happiness!

Regarding the decoration of the house, I can personally confirm by living up close to the Danish houses and seeing the design choices of the people who live in them.

At we looked for "happiness solutions" in the interior design of the Danish company Hübsch.

Hübsch was founded in 2010 and today is considered one of the top Scandinavian interior design brands.

The keyword HAPPINESS is deeply rooted in Hübsch and its creative team really believes that it can create happiness around us by designing quality and tasteful products with a unique style, adapted to the trends of the times.

The design of their collections are taking inspiration from around the world, examining in detail the art of previous periods and looking each time for the way people use furniture and objects in their daily lives.

They experiment with new techniques, create new combinations of materials and combine colors in original ways.

They are interested in the environment using sustainable materials and try every day to reduce their ecological footprint.

It was their passion and talent that made us share their vision.

Because, yes, it is true that beautiful decoration creates happy feelings, peace, tranquility, and happiness.

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