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Floor Vase - Caspo 'Echo 40', Rust Grey, Terracotta Ceramic, H40 Ø26cm, MUUBS

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Echo 40 is an impressive, handmade floor vase with rust color and style by Danish house MUUBS.
Characteristic of the Echo jar is the rusty and interesting terracotta surface, which is done with a specific dyeing and burning process.

The vase is painted first with black color and then with white. To create the rusty and smoky surface, the paint is gently burned with a gas flame and an antique paint is applied. Finally, the jar is coated to make the surface more durable. The truth is, its surface is a raw work of art.

Each Echo jar is unique and handmade, so texture and surface vary in color and shape.
Echo jar is for indoor use only. Do not plant directly in the jar because water can destroy its material. Place inside your pots with your favorite plants, branches or dried flowers and the result will be unique.

Dimensions: Height 40 cm, Ø 26 cm

Weight: 7,4 kg

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