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Reintroduce your TV set as a decorative element in your living room!

Τηλεόραση στο σαλόνι: Εντάξτε τη στη διακόσμηση του σπιτιού!

Today I saw a wonderful idea about the TV set that completely blew my mind!
The Vogel’s company is traditionally known for its TV wall mounts.
Now, however, it has launched a unique floor stand for the living room which is guaranteed to instantly upgrade your interior design.
The new OP1 floor stand is perceived as the connection between nature and technology.
It was designed to give us a fresh perspective and enrich our contemporary way of life.
The simple, yet stunning minimalist Nordic design pioneered by Vogel’s allows the TV to become the focal point of the decor and enables it to be placed anywhere in the room, at the exact spot where we need it at any given moment.

The Vogel’s floor stand is carefully crafted from premium oak wood.Its design is oriented towards accommodating the needs of modern families since its accessories allows us to attach game consoles to its back, hiding them out of sight.

And above all: the power cables are routed to the floor through a cleverly concealed channel in the back leg of the tripod, ensuring an absolutely safe and minimal outcome.

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In many residences, the television is part and parcel of daily life, which is all the more reason why it’s worth putting some effort into its proper installation.

Think ahead how you can conceal the cable trailing and integrate it organically into your decoration.

Should you choose to place it above the fireplace, it is advisable that you create a recess in the plasterboard, its circumference 10 cm. wider than the total screen size. The recess depth should be equal to the screen thickness together with the wall mount volume on which you will be fixing your TV. In this way, you can gain access to the back of the device if need be.

During its final installation, the screen must be perfectly aligned with the plasterboard, so that it doesn’t protrude from it.

The wall recess supporting the back of the television screen, as well as the plugs, will look more aesthetically appealing if painted black. This will create the optical illusion that there’s no empty space around the TV screen, which will actually make it look bigger.


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