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After hotel rooms and Airbnb...what?

Οι νέες τάσεις στη βραχυπρόθεσμη μίσθωση & η διακόσμηση σπιτιού

After hotel rooms and Airbnb...what?

Short-term rental has been increasing at a dizzying rate over the past years.
The rise of short-term rental markets offers consumers unique experiences of accommodation units directly linked to the respective city they visit every time.

However, given that there is no control mechanism or restriction on these short-term residences before they are made available on the market for rental, there is a great risk of inconsistency in terms of quality and services.

The safety, diligence and proper function of the residences rented through Airbnb platforms depend on the conscientiousness and sensitivity of each owner putting their house up for short-term rental. This results in travellers’ experiences proving considerably poor or even downright negative on numerous occasions.

Why is it then that travellers don’t opt for the predictability of a hotel?

Following extensive research and online surveys, it has been concluded that modern travellers seek authentic experiences on their low-budget trips, which will allow them to extend their holidays in a city.
They go for domestic coziness and warm hospitality, and therefore they end up choosing to rent a large home space over a mid-level hotel room.

However, this is exactly where there’s a great market gap...

First of all, there is a gap in hotel rooms as they often fail to meet the guests’ expectations concerning their size as compared to the rates required.
There is also a gap in Airbnb-type rooms and residences, the quality and safety of which are often dubious.

The high demand for holidays of quality comparable to the amenities and predictability of a good hotel, but also affording the warmth and character of a private house has inspired and urged the worldwide market to create accommodation units securing the reliability of hotels with the comforts and hospitality of a private residence.

Special categories of discerning travellers, such as corporate clients, guests on business trips or travelling for pleasure, all valuing their privacy, have led to the creation of luxury and modern apartments, houses and villas offering the professionalism and safety of a hotel in combination with the warmth, privacy and hospitality of a home.

A pioneer in the field, rapidly developing in many countries, is the Greek company Blueground.
Blueground is a chain of fully-furnished apartments and houses operating like hotels; the main difference is that, rather than possessing rooms in a single building, Blueground offers independent residences at the best locations in the city.

The company rents these apartments and houses from their owners, furnishes them with austere yet elegant furniture of specific standards, equips them with all the appliances necessary and puts them on the market for rent, offering 24-hour support and the amenities of a hotel.

Precisely because the standards and specifications of Blueground residences are predefined and laid out in detail, guests know in advance that their experience will be positive.

In turn, the apartments’ owners enjoy excellent benefits if they agree to rent their property to Blueground company.

From day one, they can be receiving the rent money agreed in their contract until its termination date, even if the apartment is not occupied by a customer.
Upon contract termination, the company is obliged to return the apartment to the owner exactly as it was handed to them (taking normal wear and tear into account).
Blueground has its own crews with trained technicians who can immediately repair any problems arising.

Of course, the company has established certain criteria for the property they are interested in.
Some essential requirements to be met involve location, the building’s construction quality, its proper renovation, its total surface (from 60m2 to 150m2 approximately) and parking space.

Below I’ll show you an apartment recently designed by hintsdeco in Palaio Faliro, Athens, which was given for rent to the Blueground company.
The rooms were decorated by the company crew in accordance with the Blueground philosophy and style.

The apartment is situated on the 6th floor of a newly built block with large balconies and unobstructed sea views.
It is 150 m2 and consists of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, a study with an interior laundry closet, and a unified space for living-room and kitchen.

Complete with white glass cabinets and a U-shaped, oak bench table, the kitchen was designed in shades of grey with a thin, black worktop, following the latest deco trends.

In combination with the large beton cire tiles that create a corridor towards the balcony exit, the oak floors beautifully connect the unified sitting-room space with the kitchen.
The impressive fireplace creates an amazing focal point in the sitting room and has been fitted with a ceramic plate in the same colour as the kitchen worktop.

The master room bathroom was fitted with marble-like tiles in a white-grey shade which wonderfully complemented the grey floor tiles, the rustic wooden furniture, as well as the black details of the taps and shower.

The second bathroom was fitted with terrazzo tiles from the Italian I cocci company and paired with solid-coloured grey cement tiles.

blueground 44

The beauty of this natural, authentic, unprocessed material is here to stay in the field of interior design, evoking memories of the past while producing a modern and sophisticated outcome.

The tiles and sanitary ware were supplied by the lemonakishome.gr shop.

The apartment was designed with attention to detail concerning its materials and lighting; in harmony with the impressive decoration by Blueground, it is certain to surround all travellers with a most favorable aura.


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