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Luxury apartments in Athens downtown

koukaki 1

Koukaki is located in a privileged Athenian district, at a very short distance both from the center and the sea, surrounded with museums, art spaces and historical monuments.

It is no coincidence that, according to an Airbnb survey, it was included in the top 16 neighbourhoods in the world.

Day by day, Koukaki has been changing, gaining a new lease of life, becoming prettier and making us proud to be hosting modern travellers.

The houses and apartments situated in this hospitable quarter have been renovated in accordance with high quality standards and can compete with the best of areas in terms of style.

I will present you one such apartment today, which was recently refurbished and is looking forward to accommodating even the most demanding guests.

The apartment is on the second floor of a 1960 block.
It measures 90m2 and is made up of an open plan living-room, sitting-room and kitchen, a master room with its own bathroom, and another bedroom with a separate bathroom and one WC more.

koukaki 2
koukaki 3

Though relatively renovated since its construction year, the space had retained a classical style with heavy furniture, in contrast to the more light-hearted white floor tile.

koukaki 4
koukaki 5

The renovation was necessary in order to redefine the apartment use.

The open plan space and the bedrooms were fitted with plywood, while the use of plasterboard on the ceiling created a beautiful design in the kitchen and dining-room lighting.

koukaki 6
koukaki 7
koukaki 8

The kitchen was designed from scratch, featuring an island with an inox cooker hood in the middle of the room, thus visually separating it from the dining-room space.

The cabinet backs were fitted with large terrazzo tiles, beautifully combining this vintage material with the overall minimal kitchen aesthetics.

koukaki 8
koukaki 9
koukaki 10

In the dining-room, the old classic table was retained, uniquely framed with modern chairs in tan shades.

koukaki 11
koukaki 12

A large corner grey sofa offered the desirable warmth to the sitting-room area around the television set.

The ancient Greek bust in the living-room offers guests the mark of the rich history characterising their destination.

koukaki 13
koukaki 14
koukaki 15

The bathrooms were fitted with brown-hued, marble-like tiles, adding unique luxury.

koukaki 16
koukaki 17
koukaki 18
koukaki 19
koukaki 20
koukaki 21

The bedrooms were decorated in warm colours and materials, following the latest fashion trends.

koukaki 22
koukaki 23
koukaki 24
koukaki 25
koukaki 26
koukaki 27
koukaki 28

After this amazing renovation, the apartment gained double its initial value and is now ready to accommodate new guests looking forward to authentic holiday experiences.

Construction manager Nathalie Carastamati
Decoration Hintsdeco
Photos by Marianna Tzouveleki Photography


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