Muubs… Beauty in imperfection

Muubs: Αυθεντική εσωτερική διακόσμηση με χειροποίητη ομορφιά!

One of the most important things I realized early on in Copenhagen, beyond trends and fashion, is that Danes love items with interesting craftsmanship, that exude authenticity. 

So the Hintsdeco team could not help but work with an innovative interior design company like Muubs.

Muubs overturns the principles of mass production.

Each product has a different story. From cutting boards with grains of natural wood and handmade tables with charming rough edges and imperfections, from the natural cracks in the tree trunk to simple rustic cooking utensils.

Muubs is a company driven by the love for the beauty of Scandinavian nature and it strongly believes in creating original and timeless interior design items with great functionality.

Muubs products have a raw but at the same time unique urban look that creates high aesthetic contrasts in a minimalist environment and gives peace and comfort to the home.

The raw form of the products and their natural materials add uniqueness to each of them and therefore ensures that you have an item that doesn’t decorate any other home except your own.

Muubs has its own design studios in Denmark and production facilities in Denmark and Bali.

Explore Muubs products 
here and discover the authenticity of the most innovative Scandinavian products.

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