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How to integrate the new summer colours into your interior design

Καλοκαιρινή διακόσμηση: Πώς να εντάξετε τα νέα χρώματα σε αυτή!

Last January, I mentioned the new colour combinations that will be all the rage in 2018.
Find the relevant article here.
Today, I will be talking about the new spring-summer colours of the season.

Let’s see then these new shades which we will find in stores, and how can we integrate them into our house decoration so that they can add a new, refreshing touch?

Chili Red

One of the warmest colours for this summer is this incomparable red-orange, paprika and chilli red, in all the shades of the colour palette.
Most well-known brands in Salone del mobile included chilli red in their collections, even in one design piece.
Magis, Moroso, Zanotta, Kartelland Montana are but a few of the companies that embraced this particular hue and made a point of displaying it among their recommendations.
It’s an excellent match for mustard yellow, powder pink and graces grey with an indisputable vividness and warmth.
Be the first ones to select it for your house, picking cushions, decorative elements and lamps in these shades of red.

Emperador Brown

Rich, chocolate brown is making a dynamic summer comeback!
While it’s a colour that we mainly find in winter decoration, don’t hesitate to give it the place it deserves without further ado.
Use it in ceramic vases, jugs, cups, cushions, throws and surround it with wicker and rattan furniture.
Finally, it can also make a great pair with mint or sage green.

Klein blue

At the exhibition, we came across this bright blue, patented by and named after French artist Yves Klein, in polycarbonated chairs, glass decorative accessories, lamps, electric cookers, fabrics and many other objects.
In other words, some Klein blue touches in your interior decoration are certain to give perfect style to the outcome.

Little boy blue

This outstanding shade was what many designers opted for to make their furniture, such as chairs and high stools, more distinct.
Replace the old fabrics of your chair or armchairs in the dining-room with this irresistible blue, particularly if this furniture comes with discreet metallic details.

Soft green (Mint green)

A green colour like a soft breeze that will breathe an air of spring freshness into your home.
It’s here to stay and can be used practically anywhere, from kitchen cabinets to bedroom pillows.
It livens up and beautifully accentuates all items around it.
We’ve seen it star both in minimal and in more classic deco approaches.


The brightest summer colour is a definite must, of course!
Great companies, such as Vitra, invested in it.
From its darkest to its brightest version, go for it in cushions, decorative elements and furniture.
Invest in some statement pieces and, trust me, you’ll never grow bored of them.

Happy Summer decoration!


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