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It’s been a while ... Have a nice autumn !!!

Denmark 7

After moving house and completing two interior design commissions, here I am in front of my computer again.
First of all, I’m absolutely thrilled because, following 4 wonderful years in Budapest, I’ve recently moved to fascinating Denmark.

Denmark bikes

Copenhagen is the heart and soul of interior design, so from now on, I’ll be able to give you the insider’s perspective of all the latest trends and developments 😉.

Denmark 25

Over these past few weeks since I moved here, I’ve come to realise that nothing is left to chance!

Though only 5.5 million people, the Danes have accomplished unique engineering feats, while also boasting a most heightened awareness in terms of environmental protection.

Creating the country of the future, Danish architects construct countless, people and environment-oriented buildings of high standards and aesthetics.

Innovation and sustainability are their architectural trademarks, given that they’ve already established themselves as the ultimate leaders of both the domestic and the global market.

In short, let me tell you that facilities, such as UN City, Nordea’s Danish Headquarters, the Green Lighthouse, and the Silo, are but a few of the buildings accredited for their rainwater harvesting system used for sanitation purposes, their waste-to-energy and tele-heating systems, the smart façades helping to control the buildings’ interior temperature, the green roof tops, the rainwater recycling systems, the installation of panels with an integrated electronic control system for sunlight, noise, natural ventilation and many features more…

UN City

Denmark 9

Nordea’s Danish Headquarters

Green Lighthouse

The Silo

Denmark 26

I can’t help but mention the Copenhagen International School (CIS), which, apart from its modern architecture, boasts a façade covered with 12,000 solar panels, generating approximately 50% of the annual electricity consumption necessary for the building’s energy needs. And we’re talking about a country limited to about 1,730 hours of sunlight a year!

Denmark 8
Denmark 10
Denmark 11

In addition to their considerable contribution to environmental conservation, solar panels also form part of the school’s academic program, since they allow the students to observe how energy is generated and use all this data in their science and math lessons.

Over the next weeks, I’ll be elaborating on many of the spaces that make up the profile of this beautiful Scandinavian city; a city that doesn’t follow but sets the trends, innovates and pioneers the future, based on sustainable development models.

For the time being, don’t miss the next article by hintsdeco about a modern-day “Country House” in the region of the Peloponnese, Greece.

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