Christmas Table: The ultimate decorating guide for hosts

Χριστουγεννιάτικο Τραπέζι: Ο απόλυτος οδηγός διακόσμησης για τον οικοδεσπότη

The Holidays are approaching! 

One of my favorite moments of this time is the decoration and design for the Christmas table. We look forward to setting our festive table and making new Christmas memories with our family and friends.

Now is the time to think about the color palettes we choose, our tableware, the decor for the table with candles and flowers, the tablecloths and all these extra elements that will create warmth and relaxation.

If you are the host this year and looking for ideas from which you can be inspired, then you are in luck. In this article you will find a guide with hints and some of the most interesting trends we see this year.

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Simple Festive + Foraged Small Tablescape
simple beautiful dinner table decor

Julen 2021 på Artilleriet, dukning

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Broste Copenhagen Plate Ceramic Plate Nordic Oval Sand Off-white W26.5xL35.5xH3 cm Broste Copenhagen

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Bows and beautiful ribbons

We have already mentioned ribbons as one of the basic accessories for the Organic Christmas style. We have written about how you can use fabric ribbons to make bows, combining them with simple lights to decorate your tree.

But there are really many different ways to introduce bows into your table decoration and is one of the most popular trends in this year's Christmas decor. Get ribbons in linen, velvet, satin or other fabrics you love and put all your creativity to create the most elegant bows.

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pink champagne cocktail with bow on it for christmas party

Use placemats

Certainly choosing the right tablecloth is important. But you will create a highlight on your table by putting a placemat under each dish. This will make your dinnerware look richer and special. 

Placemats in leather, fabric, made by natural materials such as wood, greenery, stone, are some ideas that can upgrade even the simplest plates.

Combine them with coasters for your glasses and fabric towels or good quality napkins and the result will reward you. 

colorful sparkly holiday table
Natural linen placemats. Softened linen placemats set. Linen image 1
simple natural holiday place setting
2021 Christmas Table Decor & Place Settings
overhead view of 4 christmas place settings white linen placemat gold flatware white dinner plate small greenery wreath with white salad plate on top gold bell with gold felt ribbon on top of plate for place card holder linen napkin under dinner plate greenery table runner with large gold bells and brass candlesticks
christmas place setting white linen placemat gold flatware white dinner plate small greenery wreath with white salad plate on top gold bell with gold felt ribbon on top of plate for place card holder linen napkin under dinner plate

Candles and candlesticks

Candles and candlesticks are an integral element of the festive table to create a warm and hospitable Christmas atmosphere.

There are unique original candlesticks that can match your own style and the rest of the Christmas decoration. But the big difference that will make your decoration stand out, according to this year's Christmas trend, is the bows and tall candles.

Even if you do not decorate your candlesticks with small wreaths, leaves, dried fruits and ornaments, choose to light up tall candles in unexpected colors and add small or large fabric bows everywhere. 

The soft shine of candle lights and the luxury of the elegant bows will create a warm, rich, unique atmosphere, perfect for enjoying festive moments with your loved ones.

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Kristina Dam Studio Caspo Decorative Caspus Anya Dolomite Beige 18xH20 cm Wikholm Form

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Use natural items you will find around you

Decorating the Christmas table shouldn't be stressful. Even if your house has a more classic decoration, dare to use pine cones, branches from pine, eucalyptus, fir, or any other plant you love.

You can also add to your composition aromatic plants, such as rosemary, oregano, sage, thyme, making your table fragrant throughout the house. 

In the same sense, you can use seasonal fruits such as oranges, tangerines, pomegranates or whole walnuts, almonds and hazelnuts for your decoration.

 Remember that your compositions should be low so that your guests can see the person sitting across from them.

 Finally, a very important touch in your decoration is to not forget to place some of these natural elements on or next to the plate of each of your guests.

And don't forget the big fabric bows. Embed them everywhere!

Using Black Kitchen Dinner Plates to Create a Moody and Minimal Christmas Table Setting Topped With Winter Foliage

Sustainable Christmas Inspiration
Handmade Flued Dinner Plates
Christmas Place Setting Ideas

Decorate your chairs too

If time permits, make the chairs part of your decor.

The chairs are one of the first things someone will see before they even sit down at the table. 

You can use a big bow or a piece of mistletoe or some antique ornaments. For a cozy Christmas style, you can put some ecological furs or a small knitted blanket on some seats. This option will bring a tone of warmth, hospitality and sweetness to your guests.

Minimalist Christmas Table

Add at least an element of surprise

You may be looking for something out of the ordinary. I suggest that you add at least one unexpected element to your Christmas table this year.

You can introduce black or dark brown plates to your table this year. Imagine them paired with a deep blue tablecloth, earthy terracotta accents, and luxurious gold candlesticks.

You could also use glasses or plates in many different colors, which will make your table fairy-tale like and special. 

Make your guests feel special! Place a small gift you've chosen for them next to their plate. 

Let's appreciate the little moments that create joy and experience the true value of Christmas.

Styling My Moody and Minimal Christmas Table Setting with Black Kitchen Dinner Plates and Cutlery.

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Moody and Minimal Christmas Table Styling with a Blue Table Cloth, Black Dinner Plates and Natural Winter Foliage

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Table Styling Xmas-5.jpg

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Pink and Red Christmas Party - Giant Silk Scrunchie

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A Sweet Holiday Tablescape with a Pirouette/ Pirouline Wafer Cookie Cake and Christmas Gifts Wrapped in Kraft Paper and Tied with a Red Velvet Bow at Each Place Setting.

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Muubs dish plate of food ceramic kuri dark gray-black, Ø26xh2.5 cm muubs

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