Christina Bompa: Her choices in interior design for her new renovated home

Χριστίνα Μπόμπα: Oι επιλογές της στην εσωτερική διακόσμηση για το νέο ανακαινισμένο σπίτι της

 Impressive entrepreneur and influencer Christina Bomba completed the renovations of her home and talked to us about the style and aesthetic she chose. The renovated home, that was completed a few months ago, stands out for its architecture and functional design.

The spacious, full lounge features luxurious finishes, such as oak flooring, impressive fireplace and refined furniture options. The white walls and the modern off-white kitchen complete the minimal aesthetics of the space. The residence is surrounded by a beautifully landscaped garden full of blooming flowers and large trees. But the fantastic roof garden, with its magnificent view, steals the show.

Katerina Iliadi: Christina I know you are in a very beautiful and creative phase in your life at this time. You have moved to your new home, you are involved with the upbringing of your daughters, you have supervised the construction and decorative part of the renovation and at the same time it seems that you have found your balance between your work and your personal life.
Tell us, how do you manage to combine your professional activities with your family?

Christina Bompa: Women always have many roles to cover, especially when they become mothers. You can't do everything at once, but I think it's a matter of priorities and to be ok with what is not high on your priorities to not be exactly as you want. At this stage of my life, my priority is my daughters and family. Of course I spend several hours of the day at work, but to the point that it doesn't rob me from our family life. I definitely seek to have some free personal time in the day, but it's not something I always do and I'm okay with it.

KI: The old ones used to say "if you don't build a house and if your children don't marry you have not understood anything about difficulties in life". How did you find the overall experience of renovation?

CB: The truth is that this entire venture wasn't so simple. The renovation lasted about 10 months and we changed almost everything from the original construction of the house. The renovation project has a lot of pressure: coordinatinating all the work, searching for workers, choosing materials, controling the budget so that you do not go over. But the biggest difficulty we encountered was the fact that we had to stay in different homes with the children until the project was completed. Fortunately we are now in and enjoy all this effort.

KI: What were your main thoughts on the new design of your home and at what extent did they manage to be implemented?

CB: Our goal was to create functional and hospitable spaces in order to serve the needs of our family and social life. We like to spend time in our home, inviting people, hosting our family and friends from abroad. I wanted the house to exude calmness, relaxation and a well being aesthetic. We like the minimal style and for that I chose mainly white and off-white shades on the walls and in the furniture, creating contrasts with the decorations and artworks. We created cozy nooks that I think give elegance and warmth to the end result.

KI: It was a great pleasure for that you chose Hintsdeco furniture and Scandinavian design objects. What led you to your choice?

CB: The truth is that I have loved Hintsdeco products! They fit perfectly with the style I wanted to give to our home. I really like it because they combine the simplicity of Scandinavian design with Japanese minimalist aesthetic. They are quality objects and have original and timeless designs. And of course because we all need to be aware of the environment, I also try to choose sustainable products as much as I can, which I see you are trying to do significantly and essentially with the Scandinavian companies you work with.

KI: Can you share with us your favorite decorative object from Hintsdeco that you feel perfectly represents the principles of Scandinavian design and enhances the style of your space?

CM: My choices in vases! I think they are my favorite items. I have them everywhere because I can give color and vitality to the house by placing flowers in them. The specific vases I have chosen are like sculptures that can stand on their own and without flowers, so I can also admire them as works of art. I am impressed by the special color treatment on their surface and the textures, and I think that their organic forms perfectly represent the philosophy of Scandinavian design.

Dza Architect
Interior Design: Deplot
Photos: George Diamantis

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