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Pinterest Predicts: Top Interior Design Trends 2024

Pinterest Predicts: Top Interior Design Trends 2024

If you are a lover of decoration I can guess that you have a Pinterest account with boards like "Dream Kitchen", "Kids Room", "Balcony Ideas" etc. I know I do. Pinterest is THE social platform, for creative people seeking inspiration or just the beauty of the aesthetic pleasure it brings.

Depending on what we and many other people on the planet "pin", the algorithm of Pinterest can draw various conclusions. One of them is the trends we will see and we do see in 2024 in fashion, aesthetics, beauty products, decoration and more. All these trends live on the page Pinterest Predicts 2024. So I explored this page because I was curious to discover the trends that arise through human desire, not only from magazines and decoration exhibitions. 

So in this article you can find the top interior design trends for 2024 resulting from Pinterest Predicts.

Hot metals

Let's quickly get this trend out of the way as we talked about it in the article, The biggest Scandinavian trends of 2024 that you need to know

The Pinterest Predicts 2024 page also includes a "Hot Metals" Board, in which we see a surreal aesthetic, with glittering surfaces that look like mercury. Pinterest justifies this trend by saying that the searches for "Aluminum Furniture" have climbed 45% and for "Aluminum Door Design" 70%. So it is foreseen that Metallics will become mainstream in 2024 as Gen Z and Millenials exchange their reliable "neutrals" for something a little more dynamic.

As we have already mentioned, this trend includes chrome, stainless steel, metal finishes, mirror metals or matte ... The options are countless. But the main goal is to reflect and shine.

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Retro "Kitschens"

You read correctly. Not "Kitchens" but "Kitschens". As we know, all trends are cyclical, so this one is a return to the "kits" kitchens of the 1970s.

We see the following percentages in Pinterest searches: Eclectic Kitchen Decor +50%, Kitschy Kitchen +75%, Green Kitchen Paint +55%, Eccentric Kitchen +160%, Retro Pink Kitchens +40%. I think this trend is more than obvious. Pinterest Predicts reads: "This year, Gen X and Boomers will fill their cooking area with vintage appliances and striking colors."

The intense, curvy shapes inspired by the 1970s become so popular that in 2024 we are likely to bid farewell to straight and rigid lines and minimalist silhouettes in the kitchen. We will also see many different patterns, but more noticeably, geometric patterns that seem to be largely inspired by the 1960s, in small and large furniture, tiles, fabrics, decorations, rugs and more. Of course we also see colors of the 1970s on walls and cabinets, including orange, green, yellow mustard and even pink. The same is true of decorations, as well as kitchen utensils that acquire more playful silhouettes, inspired by retro shapes.

If you want this style, visit antique shops or thrift shops and explore. Otherwise there are several modern companies that create objects reminiscent of the retro style. 

Photo Feb 02, 2 22 35 PM.JPGImage Credit

Full kitchen image 2

Image Credit

Tomato table lamp

Image Credit

Claire Used Our Color-It Tool to Create a Palette to Suit Her 1960s Inspired Cabin.

Image Credit

Dining Picture 1

Image Credit

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Western gothic

I can say that when I saw the title of this trend I was a bit taken aback. Here's a combination of words I didn't expect to see. Western Gothic is a combination of Vintage Americana chic with deep, dark shades. According to Pinterest Predicts this trend is huge in 2024, with searches for "Western Gothic" having increased by 145% in 2023 and also "Western Bedding Ideas" +310%, "Vintage America" ​​+145% , "Country Room Ideas" +125% and "Western Mirror" +125%.

As we have already said, this year we see the world moving away from the safety of neutral color combinations and exploring the charm of dark and intense aesthetics. To try this trend, fill your space with rich tones, dark shades and dramatic accents and combine them with a cottagecore, rustic aesthetic. Specifically, think that you know about cottagecore, rustic, western, and even boho, except for the color. This will be replaced by the dark tones mentioned above.


Pinterest asks, "Why go to a cafe when you can have your own coffee corner at home?" The presence of a space that takes off the experience of creating and consuming a delicious coffee is now increasingly popular and in 2024 continues with additional focus on design and personalization. According to Pinterest's report: "This year the coffee stations at home will become the new way to make espresso." 
This trend is also huge in Tiktok, with over 34.5 million views on #CoffeestationDecor and five million views on #Coffeestationathome, while in Pinterest we see the following trends: "Coffee Bar Styling" +1,125%, "Cafe Cafe Chalkboard " +50%," Coffee Station Decor " +145%," Kafe Aesthetic " +820%.

This trend is easy to replicate by making a comfortable corner in the kitchen for your morning coffee. Choose the perfect spot to place your kettle, coffee maker, teapot, cups, coffee, sugar and more and combine them with small decorations, a nice towel and a skewer. The goal is the end result to be reminiscent of a corner of your local, favorite cafe.
Bifold Shaker Dresser
Glass Tile Coaster - I olive You

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Tropic Like It's Hot

It's time for sand and sea. Pinterest announces to us that in 2024 our favorite foods, home decoration trends and fashion will have the tropical treatment with searches for "Coconut Aesthetic" increasing 35% and "Tropical Chic Decor" 110%. Boomers and Gen Z are the pioneers in this escapist aesthetic with hibiscus patterns, hot pink shades and decorations and furniture that transport us to a beach with golden sand, and the use of basic materials like ratan, mats and stone.

I can say that the sea has always been a source of inspiration for designers. Its influence is and will be present in different ways each season from Scandinavian Mediterranean to Tropical Chic. This time think of all the "seafood" elements we know, combined with tropical patterns, inspired by cacti, beaches, palm trees, pineapples and flamingos.
Functional Aesthetics Are Key in This Living Room, Where Farmhouse Charm Meets Modern Usability
Tropical Party Decor

Palm Print Landscape, Vintage Tropical Forest Poster, Jungle Forest Art, Antique Historical Botanical Wall Art, Image 1

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Head to Glow - Spa Aesthetic

In 2024, body care has its moment. Boomers and Gen Z invest in luxurious lotions and a spa experience at home.
What does this mean for interior design? Searches for "Spa Aesthetic" have increased 60%. 

I understand this trend as a desire for the modern bathroom to be transformed into a place of relaxation. So we observe the presence of plants and natural materials in furniture and decorations such as wood and stone. Neutral tones such as beige and white, combined with natural light and glass walls. We also see shelves and sockets where creams, oils, scrubs and other accessories that enhance the spa experience are placed.

Sage and Sound6075

Sage and Sound6260

My Kind Lifestyle - Photography for Sustainable Brands

My Kind Lifestyle - Photography for Sustainable Lifestyle Brands
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Mette Ditmer Decorative Disc Decorative Disc B16 x B31 x H3 cm Mette Ditmer
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