Nuura: Versatile Scandinavian lamps for all spaces

Nuura: Ευέλικτα Σκανδιναβικά φωτιστικά για όλους τους χώρους

What is the Nordic lighting style?
The Nordic lighting style is a design movement characterized by a focus on functionality and simplicity, without sacrificing high aesthetics.

Scandinavian lighting is characterized by clean lines and focuses on warm, soft light that resembles candle light. The Scandinavian people usually do not have excessive lighting in their homes and choose strategically positioned lamps around their home.

I've talked in previous articles about the importance of lighting in interior design and how proper lighting can completely change the atmosphere of your space. 

So with this thought, but also with our love for quality, authentic and responsibly designed and manufactured products, we're looking for new creators to help you get this magical Scandinavian lighting into your space.

Hintsdeco's team presents its new partnership with the interior decoration company, Nuura. Nuura based in Copenhagen, produces quality and unique lamps reflecting the abundance and joy of the Nordic nature.

Discover more about Nuura's collection and how you can use the lamps in your space.

Nuura was founded in 2017 by Sofie Refer, Nadia Lassen and Peter Østerberg. It offers collections of lamps that enrich and complete the space. By combining elegant design, LED technology and carefully selected high quality materials, it tries to create unique quality lighting that creates feelings of prosperity.

Nuura's collections are inspired by Scandinavian nature: flowers, rain drops and Nordic autumn light. All these images are combined with metal bases, blown glass and other unique details, creating a Luxe Minimalism result.

Liila from Nuura is a series of wall and ceiling lamps. They are extremely versatile and can be placed in spaces such as corridors, bathrooms or a narrow staircase. They provide quality lighting and will add timeless elegance at any home. The lamps are available in different sizes, making them suitable for different spaces and needs. There are also different metal finishes to match any personal taste or style of decoration.

How to use the lamps in your space:

The Liila series lamps will transform your bathroom. These lamps are particularly useful and simultaneously impressive for the bathroom, where the main light source is usually placed over the mirror or on the side wall. You can even match the metal finish of your lamp with other metal details that you already have in your bathroom.

Also, when you put lamps in the bathroom, you should always keep in mind the IP rating. The input protection system or IP is an international evaluation system used to measure the degree of protection of electrical devices from foreign bodies and humidity. The Liila collection has IP44 rating, which means that it can be placed comfortably and without fear in your bathroom.

They are ideal for small spaces. As we have said, lighting is a feature that can make a small space look larger and the Liila series is ideal for small spaces such as corridors, stairs, bathrooms or generally a small room. In low ceiling space, they are the ideal ceiling lamps and will create a unique, atmospheric, Scandinavian-style light.

Liila Muuse Medium IP44, nordic gold / opal

Combine more lamps for an interesting style. You can install two of the lamps symmetrically for a clean, simple look or choose lamps in different sizes and finishes for a much more original result.

Let us not forget the outside. The Liila series includes Outdoor lights that can be mounted on the facades of your house, either next to the front door or on the ceiling of your terrace, creating a protective atmosphere that welcomes you. These lamps have IP54 rating, which makes them perfectly safe for outdoors, with resistance to different weather conditions.

You can put the lights on your holidat wish list as well. As the holidays approach, these lamps may be the perfect gift for the lover of elegant minimalism or interior design. Add them to your list!

Autumn and winter is the perfect season to update your lighting.

With the Nuura lamps, you can create an atmospheric oasis of wellness, combining different light sources. Keep your lighting low and warm to create a sense of calmness. And don't forget to put your lamps in unconventional spots to create a surprise element. 

Discover Nuura's products on Hintsdeco's site...

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